Why Renting A Car Is Far Better Than Owning A Car?

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Renting or buying a car of your own, which one is better? So, you are stuck in a dilemma and in need of a solution. Worry not, this blog will throw light on all the confusion and suggest the best way to use a car without losing much in your pocket .

As we all know, the growing population impacts insurmountable traffic cramming in the cities. This leads to many chained hazardous effects on the environment, one of them being an increase in air pollution. The traffic and the pollution forced the public to join hands together to overcome the issues.

The increase in the number of car renting establishments made the public think about the need for rental cars. At the beginning of the era, cars were usually rented for days or weeks for driving to the nearest places or for any personal or professional use .

Lately, the car renting firms have switched the ownership with renting by extending the rental duration to months or years and termed it a car lease. This had a huge impact eventually, many car owners switched to renting rather than owning.

Buying Or Renting The Smarter Move

Car renting and shared vehicles are seen as solutions to the significant obstacles of traffic congestion and air pollution in the cities. The young generation is now giving up car ownership and switching to smart and eco-friendly ways to save themselves from the perilous effects of damaging the environment.

Though most buyers prefer buying cars in instalments, the hefty down payment amount, monthly EMIs, maintenance, services and annual depreciation of a value. All this will cost a huge fortune for the owners. Everyone is aware that buying a car is an expensive endeavour. It came to light that with the first drive the new car loses its 20-40% value.

Considering all these points, globally people are preferring to rent cars and save some wealth rather than calling themselves proud car owners. Renting is like paying for what you use. Whereas, owning is like ending up paying for the days you don't use the car.

Pros Of Renting A Car

For a better picture renting a car from Selfdrive is always a discerning choice. Compare the agreements of car loans with the car rental agreements, renting agreements are more flexible for the customers. As mentioned first renting a car won't burden you with a huge down payment, EMIs, servicing, maintenance and annual depreciation.

As per the rental terms and conditions you are not bound to any servicing and maintenance. With Selfdrive your car rental price includes service and maintenance. During the service period, a replacement car will be provided to you.

Owning a car will make you miss the convenience you experience when renting it. Owning a car will bound you to drive the same model for years. Whereas, with Selfdrive you can keep switching to any car model at any time you desire. You can lease a brand new car at a cheaper price with no loans or deposits. In contrast, buying the same car will cost you much more with additional expenses. If you are a person who uses a car occasionally, then car rental companies are a saviour for you. Short term renting or long term lease is much cheaper compared to buying a new car.

Final Thought

Lifestyle choices also play a vital role in renting. People who are fond of cars rent a new car and keep switching the models with the end of every car rental agreement. In many aspects, car renting turns out to be a better choice than owning a car. Selfdrive rent a car offers convenient, seamless and hassle-free services at a better price.

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